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We guarantee that if we don't bring in your money,

It won't cost you a cent in commission! No win? No fee!

  • More than 5 Million Dollars Collected Annually

    Debt recovered on a no win – no fee basis, using our proven debt collection methods and experienced collections team

  • Trusted by more than 5000 Australian Businesses

    There is no job too big or small, commercial or personal debt recovery and everything in-between

  • Thousands of successfully located debtors

    Locating debtors that skipped to avoid financial commitments, utilising our private investigation team and skip tracing tools

Our commission rates start from an industry-beating low of just 10%

with $0 membership and $0 ongoing fees

Let us show you how you can recover your collection costs, which possibly makes our service absolutely FREE!


Our everyday rates are some of the most competitive in the industry, but we go even further. You can take advantage of our special introductory offer, saving you up to 33% off our standard commission rates!

It’s an offer that is unmatched in the local market.

Debt Amount

Standard Rates

Current Special Rates


Over $50,000



SAVE 33%

$10,001 - $50,000



SAVE 25%

$5,001 - $10,000



SAVE 20%

$1,001 - $5,000



SAVE 17%

$500 - $1,001




Save up to 33% off our standard rates. Offer is for a limited time, so contact us today to secure these rates.

The commission is payable on the amount recovered from the debtor at the applicable rate. The applicable rate is based on the instructed debt value, not the amount recovered. ie. If the debt value is $15,000 and we recover $5,000, then the applicable rate is 15% of $5,000. Terms & Conditions Apply

Note: GST is applicable to the above rates. Debts under $500 are accepted at our discretion with an upfront fee of $25+GST required at the time of submitting the debt. Debts that are older than 12 months from their invoice date, 10%+GST will be added to the above commission rates. Starting a new client profile will allow you access to our client portal, a setup fee of $9.90+GST will apply to all new client profiles. If a payment arrangement is made with the debtor, a setup fee of $9.90+GST is applicable. An additional $2.90+GST is applicable for each payment processed into our trust account. Commissions and deductions are payable on the receipt of a Tax Invoice or by offset from trust account receipts.


  • We have no membership or ongoing fees

    With no membership, ongoing or annual fees you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We make the collection process risk free.

  • We get paid on results

    We are only paid commission on monies collected, If you don't get paid, we don't get paid. Thus, we are driven to get you paid.

  • We achieve results you cannot

    We can credit default, make face-to-face visits, take legal action and locate non- payers. Our actions have a permanent affect.

  • We save you time and effort

    We specialise in debt recovery, making us efficient and effective. We let you focus on growing your own business without the worry.

  • We are 100% dedicated to you

    Our professional staff are experienced and dedicated to providing you with exceptional one-on-one attention.

These are the top 2 questions

we are asked by our clients!

What is your collection success rate?

Our collection success rate depends on a number of factors. These include:


  • The age of the debt
  • The contact details provided by you
  • The last date you made contact with the debtor
  • Whether the debtor has skipped
  • Whether the debt is in dispute
  • Whether the entity is registered
  • Whether another collection agency has attempted recovery prior

​All of these factors influence our collection success rate. That is why we work for you on a no recovery, no fee basis. This makes our service 100% risk free to you. It is extremely important to give us your outstanding debts as close to the 30-day overdue mark as possible as this dramatically increases the collection success rate.

What can you do as a Mercantile Agent that I can't do?

Here are just a few of the things that we are able to do that an everyday business cannot:


  • Third party collections are more successful than in-house collections because the debtor has to deal with our tenacious and professional team that does this every day and gets results.
  • We have specialised debt collection systems that document all actions and can be accessed 24/7 by you. We monitor all demand letters, emails, SMS and call lists, so no debt gets missed.
  • We can arrange Face to Face visits by our licenced Field Agents to make demand for payment in person.
  • We are experts in dispute resolution to obtain quick results and get you paid sooner!
  • We can place Credit Defaults on commercial debtors that do not pay, affecting their credit rating for up to 5 years and forcing them to pay if they want to clear their name and obtain credit again.
  • We have access to numerous paid databases and reporting agencies that would cost you thousands per year to use.
  • We constantly train our expert staff to comply with the ASIC, ACCC and Privacy Act Laws.​

That is just the start of the advantages we can provide to your business. We aim to get you paid as fast as possible! If we can’t, we don’t charge!! With $0 upfront, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Contact us now!!


Fill in the form below and we can arrange a time to discuss the money owing to you and the best way to collect it!
Laura B
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Fast, efficient, professional and great results. Highly recommend Active Debt Recovery
Carlos Joaquin Garcia
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Amazing service! Lyndall and the whole team provide a 5-star debt collection service. They kept to their word and they did not charge a fee until the debt was recovered. I just had to trust the process and the debt was recovered.
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Full success within 24 hours handing the case over!
Ian P
Read More
Super efficient, got the job done would def use agian. Big thanks to Jamie and the team.
Kerrie Dodds
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Fantastic service, extremely friendly and professional and very good at recovering outstanding debts. I would highly recommend their service.
Smoke Alarm Services
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I have used Active Debt Recovery over the past few years & they have recovered 100% of outstanding debts every time. Please note, we send three reminders & do not delight in doing this to anyone.
Carolyn Hancock
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Very professional and friendly service, I am a returning customer and should I need this service again I will be using Active Debt Recovery. Very happy with the outcome.
Alex Turner
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We used Active Debt Recovery recently for an unpaid invoice. They were professional and highly competitive with their rates. They were able to recover the monies owed quickly which helped us with our cashflow.

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