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A diagram that explains what we can do! We increase your cashflow Our systems and debt collectors are geared to getting you paid sooner resulting in increased cash flow and less stress for you. We increase your profits With fewer bad debts, fewer outstandings and the ability to recover your collection costs, your profit margin will permanently increase. We achieve results you cannot. Being Mercantile Agents we can credit default, make face-to-face visits, take legal action and locate non-payers. Our actions have a permanent effect. We save you time and effort We specialise in debt recovery, making us efficient and effective. We let you focus on growing your own business without the worry. We are 100% dedicated to you Our professional staff are experienced and dedicated to providing you with exceptional one-on-one attention.
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All businesses need to make sure that they have the right debt collection team to monitor and collection their outstanding monies.

Our collection team specialise in collecting debt. It’s what we do every day. With 25 years’ experience in debt collection, we have the technical systems, knowledge and skills to make sure that you get paid.

Our debt collection plan allows you to access us as required for a reasonable price. You can use us to support your existing collections team or you can outsource all your collections to us. You are only charged for what you use, there are no commissions, there are no minimum terms or lock in contracts and we provide you with a professional collections manager who you can talk to direct.

We are 100% focused on getting you paid.

Pre-paid debt collection pricing

You can taken advantage of our special introductory offer, saving you up to 25% off our standard collection plan rates. This offer is for a limited time only, so contact us today to secure these special rates.
No. of Actions Standard Rates Discount Rates Savings
$499.00 +GST
$399.00 +GST
$899.00 +GST
$699.00 +GST
$1,199.00 +GST
$899.00 +GST

The right choice for any business. Benefit from our success and get paid sooner

Our collection plan allows you to either obtain additional professional debt collection support to assist your in-house collection team or to outsource your debt collection role to us. We can provide professional debt collection support to your business.

"We had a number of debtors who just would not pay and kept giving us excuses. By using Active Debt Recovery, they got the message and we got paid. We would recommend your services to anyone who is worried about their outstanding debts."

David Brauer

Ozone Swim

"I would like to thank you for all of your help you gave us on retrieving our money. 100% success rate on getting all 3 to pay was great. I would have no trouble recommending you to anyone who needs money to be recovered from slow payers."

Chris Ayres

Ayres Plumbing

Only pay for the actions used

You are only charged for the actions used to collect your debt. The number of debt collection actions used will vary depending on the individual circumstance of the debt. On average it takes us 7 actions to collect a debt. We do not charge for client actions.

Save money! No commission payable 

We don’t charge any commission on the monies we collect for you. You receive all the monies back into your bank account.

This will save you money. For example if it takes 7 actions to collect a $2,000 debt and each action costs $14.98+GST ($899 / 60 action), it would cost only $104.86+GST (7 x $14.98) to collect the debt.

If you had used a commission debt collection service to collect the same debt, the commission cost would have been $600+GST ($2,000 x 30%).

As you don’t have to pay any commission you will save 83% or $495.14+GST ($600 – $104.86). See more examples below:

Note: The average number of Actions used to collect a debt is 7 Actions. The number of Actions used will vary depending 
on the individual circumstances of the debt. GST is applicable to the above rates and amounts.

No ongoing lock-in contracts

We are so confident in our results we don’t have minimum terms or lock in contracts. There is no obligation to renew your collection plan. We will reduce your bad debts, increase your cash flow and save you money. You will experience the real benefits of our debt collection plan. 
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Legally recover your collection costs

We give you the ability to potentially recover your debt collection costs from your customers. You may add your debt collection costs onto the debt, which could make our service free. This could provide real substantial savings in the long term.

Providing personal relationships

We work with and respect your customers. We don’t lose you customers like other debt collection agencies. We can strengthen your relationship with them. We are dedicated to providing you with exceptional one 2 one service. You will deal directly with your own dedicated collections manager, not a call center operator.

Great benefits included in all our plans

Demand Letters, Emails and SMS
Our Collection Plan includes all Demand Letters, Emails and SMS. There are no additional charges.

Professional Support
We specialise in debt collection. We have the knowledge and expertise in collections, court and enforcement.

Collection Phone Calls
Your own dedicated Collector will personally make all the collection phone calls. This increases the collection success rate.

24/7 Online Reporting Access
You can access our online client portal 24/7. It shows you every action we have executed on your debt in really time.

Dispute Resolution
Our Collectors are trained experts in dispute resolution. Effective dispute resolution can get you paid while saving you further costs.

Acting In Your Best Interest
We always act in your best interest. We want to keep you as a client for the long term.

Payment Arrangements
We make and monitor all payment arrangements so you don’t need to worry about broken arrangements.

Access Special Actions
We offer additional debt collection actions, such as credit defaults, face to face visits, skip traces, legal action and many more.