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Active Protect Digital Monitoring Logo FAQ

Why use the Active Protect Digital Monitoring Logo?

By using our “Monitored by” logo on all your invoices, statements and reminder letters you are protecting yourself against bad payers by harnessing the reputation of our mercantile collection agency. This is an extremely powerful protection tool and cash flow booster as your customers know that they are being watched.

How does the Active Protect Digital Monitoring Logo help me?

It dramatically impacts the average number of debtor days outstanding and gets you paid faster. This results in increased cash flow and fewer bad debts.

Is it worth it?   What type of business benefits most?

Let’s take a typical small business turning over $300,000 per year, offering 14-day credit terms and, on average, being paid at the 30-day mark.  This isn’t at all unusual in today’s economy.

Every debtor day for that business is worth an average of $824.  Reducing the overdue debtor days by just 1, from 14 to 13, means that ActiveProtect will pay for itself 4 times over in the first instance.

If you turn over more than $300,000 or your average debtor days are more than 14, ActiveProtect is likely to return even more to you in the first year.  It will go on to protect you against bad debts that you might otherwise have faced.  All in all, it’s an excellent investment.

When do I use the Active Protect Digital Monitoring Logo?

You should use our “Monitored by” logo on all your invoices, statements and reminder correspondence.

What risks do you run by not using our Active Protect Digital Monitoring Logo?

All businesses that offer credit need to minimize their exposure to bad debts and maintain their cash flow. Our “Monitored by” logo gives your business the tool and impact that helps reduce credit risk and increase cash flow.

What is the contract period for the use of the Active Protect Digital Monitoring Logo?

The monitoring logo is designed to be used on an ongoing basis.  You are granted a licence to use the monitoring logo for an initial minimum period of 12 months.  You can keep using it as many times as you want during your licence term.

Why is the date on the logo?

We place a date on the “Monitored by” logo to let your clients know that the monitoring contract is current and they are being watched.  This gives the logo the status it needs to compel your clients to pay on time.

Will my customers get confused and phone you to make payments?

If your customers phone us to make a payment we will redirect them to you.

What type of files is the logo available in?

We can supply it as .pdf, .jpeg, .tiff or any other format that you require.

How do I receive the monitoring logo?

We send the logo to your email address in a format ready for print.  You can start using it straight away.

How do I install the monitoring logo?

It is extremely simple to use.  Just add the logo to all your invoices, statements and reminder letters. We can assist you in the process if you require some help.

What happens if you need help with installing the logos?

If you are having problems using the logos we can help you. If you use a specialised accounting program you may need to contact your service deck for assistance. Otherwise we can use Team viewer to help install the logos on your computer.

What is Team Viewer?

Team Viewer allows us to remotely control your computer so to support you in the installation of the logos. Team Viewer is a free program that can be downloaded at  It doesn’t allow us to access your computer at any time other than your support session.

What happens when the licence expires?

Your monitoring logo licence will automatically renew after 12 months at the list price of the service at that time unless you advise us in writing that you do not wish to renew.

What happens if I do not renew the service?

If you do not renew the service you lose permission to use our monitoring logo. If you continue to use it after the expiry date you will be charged the list price of the service from the date of cancellation to the date of discovery plus an additional 12 months.

How do I cancel the service?

You need to give us one month’s notice before the year-end date.