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Skip Tracing FAQ

What is a skip tracing?

Skip tracing is the process of locating a missing debtor or defendant, who by changing address regularly attempts to hide and avoid the payment of their debt or judgement.

We have access to a multitude of databases with varying levels of information. These databases are utilised during the course of every skip trace enquiry.

Why do I need a skip trace?

If we are unable to make contact with the debtor a skip trace is require to proceed any further with the collection of the outstanding debt.

What databases are used in a skip trace?

The databases we use include property databases such as RP Data, tenancy databases such as TICA, credit reporting databases such as Equifax, public record databases and social media databases.

What happens if we cannot locate the debtor?

If we cannot locate the debtor using our skip tracing techniques you have the option of requesting a field call, engaging a private investigator or having us try again in 6 months when new updated information is available. You have up to 6 years from the date of debt to locate the debtor. Unfortunately, without new information we are unable to proceed further with collections at this time.

What is a field call?

A field call is performed by a licenced agent who attempts to locate the debtor, usually to service court documents on them. They will attempt 3 times to locate the debtor at times and places as indicated by us.

Do you make field calls?

No, we do not do physical visits, as our communications are very successful over the phone, but we can organise a field call at an additional cost.

What is a private investigator?

Private investigator is a person who is licenced to undertake investigations and surveillance work. They usually charge an hourly rate plus outgoings. We can organise a private investigator at an additional cost if required.