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Effective debt collection actions can have a lasting effect on the debtor and highly increases the potential of getting you paid.”
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What is a Face to Face Visit?

A face to face field agent visit (also known as a field call) involves us going to see the debtor at their home or place of employment to make demand for payment. Many debtors pay due to the face to face visit. As debt collectors we have licensed field call agents who will professionally visit your debtor during the allowed ACCC hours of between 9:00am – 9:00pm on weekdays and weekends.
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Why use a Face to Face Visit?

Most debtors do not want a debt collector visiting their home or place of employment.  This is because most of us don’t like living with the unknown. By instructing us to effect a face to face visit we can advise the debtor and make the field visit. This field call action is very successful in getting you paid.

Benefits of a Face to Face Visit?

We will make a demand for full payment in person
We can visit their home or place of employment and make a demand for full payment of the debt. We can take payment on the spot.

We can explain what may happen to them next
If they don’t pay we can inform them that further action will be taken and the type of action that will be taken to collect the debt.

It shows that you will not be giving up on pursuing the debt
It makes a statement that you are not going to give up on pursuing the debt and that you want it paid immediately.

Visits can be made after hours within ACCC guidelines
Sometimes we are unable to make contact with the debtor during business hours. After hour visits do get results.

We can set up a payment arrangement in person
If full payment cannot be made we can negotiate a payment arrangement that is acceptable to you.

This will confirm the location of the debtor
It is important that we confirm the location of the debtor if court action is to be considered in the future.

Debt Collection and a Face to Face Visit

A face to face field agent visit can be a powerful debt collection action. We can perform field calls throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia. We will make between 3-5 visits per address depending on whether the debtor is located in the city, regional or remote area. Our licensed field call agents can make these visits at varying times and days.
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Frequently Asked Questions

A face to face visit with the debtor is an effective debt collection tool. For more information about face to face visit's and how as debt collectors we can assist you, click on the MORE INFO button. Our mission is to get you paid!
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