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Collection and Warning Logo
Reduce outstanding debtor days and bad debts

We provide business owners with the tools to protect their cash flow and profit from slow payers and bad debts. We only use tested and proven collection tools to achieve these results.

The digital ‘Monitored By’ Logo really does work. It increases cash flow and profit by reducing debtor days outstanding and bad debts.

How To Reduce Bad Debts

Easy to install on your invoices and statements

5 star rating by Xero customers

5 star rating by Xero customers


5 star rating by MYOB customers

Debt Collection Warning

Limited time free offer

For a limited time when you license our ‘Monitored By’ logo we will grant you the use of our ‘Warning’ logo for free.

The ‘Warning’ logo is red and contains our branding so your debtor will know that you mean business.

Use it on your statements or reminder letters and watch your payments roll in.

How to use on your
invoices and statements

Your ‘Monitored By’ logo should be place in an unobtrusive yet quite visible place, typically towards the lower half of the invoice.

Your ‘Monitored By’ logo lets your debtors know that we are watching over them and that their payments are being monitored.

Your ‘Warning’ logo should be used on selected statements and reminder letters. Use the ‘Warning’ logo before you are considering sending them to us.

Your ‘Warning’ logo lets the customer know that you are going to take the debt to the debt collectors if not paid promptly.

It is a simple process but it really does work.
Debt Collection Tools how to
How To Reduce Bad Debts

How does the logo work?

When you use the logo on all your invoices, statements and reminder letter you harness the power of our debt collection agency which helps protect you from bad debts.

It lets your debtors know that we are watching over them and that their payments are monitored.

The typical result is that debtor days reduce and working capital increases

Easy to use

Use the logo on all your invoices, statements and reminder letters. It is very simple to install onto your MYOB and Xerox invoices and statements.

If you or your bookkeeper cannot install the logo onto your invoices and statements, we can help you.

If for any reason, we cannot install the logo into your invoice and statement templates, we will refund your payment within the first 30 days.

So there’s nothing to risk and everything to gain from installing the ‘Monitored By’ logo.

How does the logo make you money?

If the ‘Monitored By’ logo stops just one bad debt or gets you paid just one day sooner it means more money in your pocket. It really does make you money!

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that we are always watching over your debtors.

Being proactive can save you thousands!

Great features included

Constant Reminder
The logo constantly reminds the debtor that the invoice is being monitored and if they don’t pay on time, then expect a call from us.

It Is Not Expensive
The logo is not expensive and will pay for itself if it reduces debtor days outstanding or saving you incurring just one bad debt.

Always Visible
The logo is always present on your invoices and statements so the message is consistent and therefore has effect.

Use As Many Times As You Want
The logo can be used as many times as you want to use it. There is no additional cost of the number of times it is used.

Simple To Use
The logo is simple to use, but its message is powerful. It can be added to any invoice or statements.

Shows Branding Of A Debt Collection Agency
The logo using our branding and shows that you have a process in place and the backing of a debt collection agency.

It Integrates With Your Accounting Software
The logo can be added to your invoice and statement template in accounting programs such as Xero and MYOB Premier.

Very Flexible And Can Be Used In Many Applications
The logo can be used in many different applications including in demand letters and emails.