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Our mission is to get you paid!

Effective skip tracing can locate your missing debtor which highly increases the potential of getting you paid.
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What is Skip Tracing?

Skip Tracing is the process of locating a missing person, debtor or defendant who attempts to hide by regularly changing their address and therefore avoids the payment of their debt or judgement.

It is 
extremely important that you use a skilled skip tracer as it is critical that you locate the debtor. The likelihood of getting paid dramatically reduces if you can not locate the debtor.

As debt collectors we have tremendous success in locating debtors. 
We can provide you with the same success.

How is Skip Tracing carried out?

Our skip tracers have access to the most up to date database solutions and technologies in the industry. These databases are utilised during the course of every skip trace. We access property databases including RP Data, tenancy databases including TICA, credit reporting databases including Equifax (formally Veda), Creditorwatch, industry skip tracing databases including Desk Detective, Infotrack, public record databases and social media databases.

We formulate specific strategies to locate your debtor. Our skip tracers apply their experience with creative thinking to locate those hard to find debtors.
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Benefits of successful Skip Tracing?

A cost-effective way of gaining information
Skip tracing provides beneficial information about the debtor for less cost than instructing a private investigator.

Allows us to recommence communications
New and additional information about the debtor will allow us to recommence communications with the debtor.

Determines need for private Investigator
If we are unable to locate any new or additional information about the debtor a private investigator may then be considered.

Opens up other options
The skip trace can find out additional information about the debtor that can be used to collect the debt. ie. Licences, connections etc.

Allows us to personally serve court documents
If you want to take legal action against the debtor we can confirm their address so the documents can be personally served. 

Provides more information about the debtor
The success rate of getting paid increases with the more information we have about the debtor.


Debt Collection and Skip Tracing

It is important that you know the location of the debtor. You need the location of the debtor, so that you can communicate with the debtor or if legal action is required, so that you can personally serve the debtor court documents.
Skip Tracing Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Effective skip tracing is critical. For more information about skip tracing and how as debt collectors we can assist you, click on the MORE INFO button. Our mission is to get you paid!