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Debt Collection Special Actions

It’s important to note that most debts get paid using our standard collection techniques, however in some cases, Special Actions may be offered to you. 
You will never be charged for any Special Action without your prior approval.

Skip Trace

Partnering with our Licensed Private Investigator, we use advanced databases and search techniques to locate your debtor. We are licensed to access property databases, credit reports, other public records, social media and more.


Commercial Credit Check

We can provide credit check reports, property ownership reports, ASIC business register reports and bankruptcy reports from various credit bureau’s. This additional information and credit report monitoring can be invaluable when making strategic decisions surrounding credit account customers.


Commercial Credit Default

We may have the option as a Mercantile Agent to place a 5 year default mark on your debtors credit file. This has tangible and immediate consequences for any debtor and will severely impact their ability to get credit in the future. The default is a big incentive for them to pay the debt.


Face to Face Visit
We can arrange a Face to Face Visit by our Licensed Field Call Agent to make demand for payment in person. We can explain what may happen to them next if payment is not made and shows that you will not be giving up on pursuing the debt. From $175+GST

We engage our Solicitor on your behalf and have them advise that the matter can escalate to a court proceeding. This is effective because the debtor will want to avoid court, further costs to them and a permanent mark on their record.

From $170+GST

Statutory Demand Notice

We can issue a statutory demand notice to the debtors company. If the debtors company fails to pay the debt within 21 days from the date of service, the company is presumed “insolvent” and an application to wind the company up can be made. (Please note these timelines are subject to change)

From $495+GST

Enforcement Notice

We can commence enforcement proceedings by making a demand for payment and preparing and sending the debtor the required Statement of Financial Means so that enforcement options become available by the Court.

From $195+GST

Court Action & Small Claims

In conjunction with our partnered Solicitors, we can commence legal action for you against the debtor in the Magistrates Court or appropriate local Tribunal (QCAT, NCAT, VCAT Etc) The rates are extremely competitive and will almost always be cheaper than your local Solicitor.


Tribunal Decision Conversion

We can arrange to have your tribunal decision converted into a Magistrates Judgement so that their credit rating will be affected and than you can use the enforcement options available by the Court.


Enforcement Hearing
We can assist in obtaining an enforcement hearing. The Court will direct the debtor to complete the Statement of Financial Means while under oath. If the debtor does not attend, an arrest warrant may be issued by the Court.


Enforcement Warrants
We can assist in obtaining enforcement warrants against the debtor. Types of warrants include, redirection of earnings, redirection of a debt, regular redirection from financial institution and seizure and sale of property.


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