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Business Terms and Conditions


  • Tailored To Your Business
  • Prepared By Active Debt Recovery in conjunction with our Lawyer.
  • These terms are suited if you are selling goods. It outlines key terms relating to payment, returns and obligations under the Australian Consumer Law.


  • Tailored To Your Business
  • Prepared By Active Debt Recovery in conjunction with our Lawyer.
  • This agreement is suited if you provide less complex services. For example, web design, business consultants etc.


  • Tailored To Your Business
  • ​Prepared By Our Lawyer
  • This agreement is suited if you distribute goods on behalf of another business, usually the manufacturer of the goods.

All businesses no matter what size require solid Terms & Conditions

It is important that your business has strong well drafted Terms and Conditions. Only well draft Terms and Conditions can protect you from potential liabilities, allow you to take advantage of retention of title and the PPSR, give you the ability to easily resolve disputes, warranty claims and defects claims. These are just a few important elements that your Terms and Conditions should cover.

If something goes wrong in the future you can’t turn back the hands of time to fix the problem. You need to anticipate the potential problems that could occur and protect yourself from the beginning with strong Terms and Conditions.

Not all Terms and Conditions are the same. We provide you with professionally drafted Terms and Conditions at a fraction of the normal price.

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5 star rating by customer


5 star rating by customer


Terms and Conditions provide you with trading certainty

Terms and Conditions minimise your risk of costly legal disputes

Minimise your risk of costly legal disputes

Lawyer drafted Terms and Conditions can anticipate potential issues and make sure you are protected.

You do not want your customer to take advantage of you in relation to warranty claims, refund requests, defect claims and other potential liabilities. Poorly drafted Terms and Conditions could cost your business thousands.

So be smart and protect yourself from costly legal disputes.

Make sure that your Terms and Conditions have been specifically drafted by a lawyer for your business taking into consideration your unique circumstances.

Remember it is your money, your assets and you need to protect yourself.

Terms and Conditions cover issues that might not be so obvious but often provide you with the most important protections of all

Terms and Conditions enable you to enforce ​your rights with suppliers and/or customers with retention of title and PPSR

Retention of Title
and Securing Your Property (PPSR)

A retention of title clause (also called a Romalpa clause) is a provision in your Terms and Conditions stating that the title to the goods remains vested in you until you have been fully paid by the customer.

However, this retention of title clause by itself is not effective if your security interest has not been registered on the Personal Property Security Register (PPSR). Personal Property is anything that is not Real Property (Land).

So what do you need to have in place to secure your property?

  • You need a correctly drafted retention of title clause that allows you to recover your goods sold if not fully paid for.
  • You need to make your customer aware of this clause before entering into a contract.
  • You need a correctly drafted Personal Property Security Act (PPSA) clause that allows you to register your security interest in the goods sold.
  • And to make sure that you register your security interest on the PPSR within the acceptable time frame. 

We can assist you with PPSA training or we can register your security interests on the PPSR for you. This will effectively secure the goods you have sold until you are fully paid by your customer.

Terms and Conditions create efficiency by ensuring consistency, in turn helping you to provide good customer service

Terms and Conditions help to manage your customer's expectations with deliveries, quality and refunds

Enables you to enforce
your rights with your customer

By approving your Terms and Conditions the customer has entered into a legally binding contract with you which can be enforced.

Customer disputes cost you time and money. Disputes can be more easily solved when you have well drafted and enforceable Terms and Conditions. This will save you money.

You can manage customer’s expectation in relation to?

  • Deliveries
  • Quality
  • Refunds
  • Warranties
  • Defects
  • Payments of invoices
  • Recovery of costs

By managing your customer’s expectation you will provide better customer service which will result in more turnover and more profit.

Terms and Conditions help you comply with ​the law

All of which saves you and your business time and money

Drafted by our Lawyer
for your business

Our lawyer will customise your Terms and Conditions for your business.

It is important that a qualified lawyer drafts and approves your Terms and Conditions so that you know that they can legally be relied upon.

Terms and Conditions need to comply with various laws, legislation and legal jurisdictions. Fines and penalties can be issued when terms and conditions do not comply.

This is why you need a lawyer to draft your terms and conditions. 

How does having Terms & Conditions
make you money?

Terms and Conditions are integral in preventing disputes, limiting liability and retaining security over the goods sold until paid for in full. The stronger your Terms and Conditions are the more likely you will get paid.

The more you protect yourself from potential liabilities and losses the more profit you will make. By having Terms and Conditions of Sale / Trade it really does make you money!

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your Terms and Conditions of Sale / Trade have been professionally drafted our lawyer.

Being proactive can save you thousands!

Great features included

Solid Legal Protection
Your Terms and Conditions form part of your contract with your customer and therefore need to be well drafted by a Lawyer.

Defines Your Legal Jurisdiction
You need to define your states legal jurisdiction so any potential court action can be commenced and contained locally.

Tailored to your business
Our Lawyer will tailor your terms and conditions to your business. This a not a template but are customised for your protection.

Plain English
It is important that your customers understand their rights and obligations under the terms and conditions so they can be enforced.

Defines Your Business’s Policies
It is important that you define your business policies on warranties, refunds, returns, payment terms, payment security and others.

Complies with Australian Laws
You need to comply with the Privacy Act, Personal Property Security Act and Australian Competition and Consumer Act to avoid fines.

Retention of Title And PPSR
You need to make sure that you can register your security on the PPSR so you can retain title to your goods until you are fully paid.

Prepared by an Australian Lawyer
Our terms and conditions are drafted by our Lawyers so you know that they will offer you the greatest protection.